DISCLAIMER : I do not own the rights to these pictures, and they are intended for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being gained from use or work done on conversion of pictures to portraits.


Pulcritude Portrait Pack -
Plenty of ladies, expanded into more races and classes. Total of 64 portraits.


Saturnalia Portrait Pack -

Some are NSFW, be warned. Originally when this was posted in the NWN Vault it required the "no under 18" warning. That having been said the warning covers maybe 4-6 portraits due to butts, boobs, or bondage. This pack contains plenty of options for horselings, catlings, werwolves, dragonkin, necromancy, and some old guy.

This is the larger of the two packs at 57.3 MB. It has a balance of male vs female portraits in number. More races, more variety, and more art than anime style. (Listed as newpicproofs1 2 3 etc)

If you want just Ta'hyen Nyarr here is my individual portrait :

Please unzip the files, and install the contents into your portraits folder, NOT the .zip file itself. You do not need to put in the .jpeg files, That is just for your previewing before you download the packs from my Google Drive..
(The computer pathway for that for me is - C:/ > Users > My User > My Documents > Neverwinter Nights > portraits )

If you have any questions or issues with this feel free to notify me via Discord.