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Here are a list of my characters for roleplay...

Limits: None, this is fantasy

Specific Kinks: Probably too many to list, but...

- Abduction
- Anal Stretching
- Beast
- Blackmail
- Body Modification
- Cheating Wife
- Erotic Horror
- Exhibitionism
- Extreme (Any)
- Fisting
- Gangbang
- Gaping
- Humiliation
- Mind Control
- NonConsentual/Reluctance
- Prolapse
- Public Exposure
- Pussy Stretching
- Rape Play
- Tit Hanging
- Tit Stretching

Will add more as they occur to me.

Here are some specific scenarios that I would enjoy exploring, given the opportunity.

- Cuckolding: I would like to roleplay a married couple being dominated and owned by a third party dominant, and all the humiliation that would involve. Prefer to play the wife, but willing to play the husband if needed.

All of my characters are at least somewhat submissive for Erotic Roleplay purposes, some can switch. Some don't realize they are open to be submissive. Just be ready to roleplay it.

I will list each below as they become ready for roleplay.

To discuss, contact me on the Discord, here, or at
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Tequila Mockingbird:

A small, impetuous pooka, a mischievous sort of fairie known for shapeshifting. Tequila is adventurous and craves constant change and new experience. Though an able combatant in many of her shapes, Tequila is extremely malleable, by nature, and will tend to back down and comply when confronted.
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