((Bit of information, Hi. I'm Nek, or Junkyard Dog on the Discord, and I'm beginning some server wide role play, you are more than welcome to join the role play at anytime, but you are not forced too. Hope things go alright and hope everyone has fun, you may post stuff hereafter, asking questions and actions as per what your character does at the moment. It will be run as a forum and in game role play, depending on the timing and when people are around. Have fun and happy hunting!))

As those live in the Isles of Styss, things have been normal for a time, fighting in the Warzone, people talking in Blackwaters, though today was anything but typical, as the earth beneath everyone's feet begins to rumble violently for a long while, something of odd, it dies out as quickly as it came, then most everyone known to magic begins to feel the ebb and flow of magic itself begin to permeate the lands, almost tangible. Yet unattainable as it spreads through the isles. First reaching Blackwaters Rock, then reaching out to Argannon, then to Tens, Elzigard, and Anamchara., on concentrating on the magic itself, it seems to be flowing from the Isle of the All-Father out into the realms.