Beamdog Login: CorruptiveAries
Character: Sascha
Deity/Divine Power: Mask
Backstory/Relation to their Deity/Divine Power: Sascha initially was born and raised in Waterdeep, while his parents feared his fiendish traits, parental instinct won out and they ended up keeping the baby instead of killing him outright. However, fate did not have kinder plans for him. At the age of seven, his father was killed by a group of muggers, and at sixteen, his mother caught an illness and ended up passing away. This forced Sascha out of his mostly sheltered life and out into the streets of the city.

However, without any real skills due to being kept in secrecy or disguises to aid him, he was forced to do whatever he could to get by in his years on the streets; robbery, prostitution, gambling, anything that would get him coin. One mark that he intended to rob, ended up turning out to be a member of the Shadow Thieves. Rather than kill him, he was given an offer to join the guild being that he was still young enough to train and learn and his ancestry made him more desirable to the guild. He was then taught the basics of thievery and stealth, and while he enhanced his skills he grew to be a fairly respected member in the guild. Sascha was then introduced to the faith of Mask, and for once, he felt as if he truly belonged somewhere and was not as much of an outsider, despite his differences from other guildmembers.

During his time in the guild, members noted that Sascha had a bit of a violent streak and a decision was made by the local Silhouette of the chapter in his city, to induct him as an Assassin. He was given his first mark, a noble that someone discretely let filter through to the guild that was to be slain. To see if he was up the challenge, Sascha was given the task of killing the man discretely. He used his training, watching the noble and his schedule to find the best time to strike, and after succeeded he was given the role of an Assassin. He relished the position, enjoying the respect and fear it gained him and he pursued the art of killing with a zealousness that pleased his superiors.

Sascha was given another target, a higher ranking noble that had ties to a few merchant guilds that someone wanted gone for personal gain. He was off, and began his task. Unfortunately, unknown to Sascha, the noble had learned of the assassination plot and quietly arranged a trap of his own to save himself. As the Tiefling crept through the man's room, he plunged the knife deep...only to find that it was a mannequin built into the man's likeness. As the realization sunk in that he had been discovered, a mage the noble had hired appeared, from under the cover of an invisibility spell, and subdued him. Guards poured into the room, and for the first time, he felt true fear, knowing that the death penalty would await him and that him being a Tiefling, no one would defend him.

He was brought to the mage's home, and was kept a prisoner there for weeks, being told it was for a "trial" to be arranged, but Sascha had the suspicion that there would be no trial. He was forced to undergo magical experiments, as the mage was interested in the Tiefling's nature and if it could somehow enhance his own magic. The only thing Sascha knew to do was to silently pray, he spiritually begged and pleaded for Mask to give him the power or opportunity to flee the torturous prison. He continued to do so, even as days and nights passed with no answer to his prayers...

Just as he felt his hope beginning to fade, he felt something almost guiding him, he had noticed the most minute detail in the cell he had been entrapped in, that there was a small screw loose in one of the hinges that he didn't recall noticing. Whether it had always been there, or recently happened Sascha couldn't tell. He set about, working slowly and quietly, removing it and after some time, was able to escape the cell. He felt the same familiar rush of adrenaline that came when he was about to undergo a mission, and while he had no weapons, he grabbed the closest thing he could find, a hammer, and waited. He knew the mage would be coming to perform more experiments and wouldn't expect an attack. Sascha waited, until the moment was upon him, the mage opened the door and Sascha hid just out of sight. When he reached the empty cell, Sascha leapt, feeling as if something was guiding his hand as he planted the hammer firmly in the mage's skull before he had the chance to utter the first syllable of his incantation.

He stole what he could to arm himself, and with renewed vigor, he fled the city, knowing the Shadow Thieves would never accept him back into the guild, but feeling confident that Mask had truly been the one to save him. He travelled from city to city, operating as killer for hire, or a thief for hire, whichever the situation called for and savoring with predatory delight the newfound power and skills he had been gifted, and when he feels and hears the call of his deity, he feels compelled to obey, being reminded that he had been saved, and that just as easily could take that power away from him...