Beamdog Login: HisMidnightAngel
Character: Rhyl'vrae Shyn'tlara Hun'viir - Vel
Deity/Divine Power: Lolth
Backstory/Relation to their Deity/Divine Power:

Born the youngest of nine daughters of a Matron Mother of the house Hun’viir, Her mother Szin'shalee was a cleric of Lolth and was a high priestess of Ched Nasad, to the world above it was known as the City of Shimmering Webs. She taught her daughters well though. Rhyl Learned at a very early age she couldn’t trust anyone, least of all her sisters who all vied for position.

Living amongst killers of men, and empires, she learned the legacy of death, destruction and the sadistic pleasure that comes along with nightmares come true. Having made the dastardly mistake of using what she had learned, upon the news of her mother's murder by her eldest sister... She almost lost her life to the very one that had protected and watched over her while the infighting broke out within their house. Attempting to overtake a throne, does not happen by one weaker than another, a hard lesson she learned...

After being left for dead in the Underdark by the only sister to be left… a sister who slit her throat while she slept, a wandering human merchant found her and took pity on her... woe it was to that poor soul, for as soon as she recovered. The human met his demise at my own hand. Since that very day, she had promised Lolth that if granted the strength she would someday have vengeance against her sister. Having since left the Underdark and became a surface dweller. Always in the back of her mind is how to punish the sister who stole her life in the Underdark.