Playername: Ah_Ftagn
Character: Balthazar of the Crimson Order
Deity/Divine Power: Tempus

Balthazar was quite literally born on the battlefields of Styss, his mother having been employed by Elzigard during her pregnancy with him, and given birth to him during a protracted siege upon Tens. Balthazar was trained by members of a mercenary band known as the Crimson Order (A sect of "Blood Knights"), who trained him in various styles of combat until he settled upon his chosen fighting style: War Wizardry combined with magic-assisted stealth (Used via Shadowdancing). Balthazar has since been employed by countless nation-states and city-states across Styss and the Forgotten Realms.

Balthazar, like most of his order, fights most of all simply because it's the only way he feels alive at all. Like them, he considers mercenary contracts he signs to be sacrosanct, and violating them without being betrayed first to be an almost heretical act. Like the rest of his order, he worships the same god, lives the same lifestyle, and will often meet members of his own order fighting for opposite sides in the same wars he is contracted to fight. This naturally has the result of a shared respect and rivalry among members of the Crimson Order, and (as a sheer necessity of this relationship) a lack of hard feelings towards those of his order he fights, or attachment to them beyond this deep respect or admiration.