BeamdogLogin: Zippacka
Character: Nulinar Thunderbeard
Deity/Divine Power: Moradin

When the Gods want something done, they send for Nulinar Thunderbeard. The famed no nonsense Hammer of Moradin has a reputation for getting shit done and taking on any fight, no matter the odds.

Just how one of Moradin's hand picked badasses arrived in Styss is a story in itself. What the man has accomplished since is an epic for the ages: As a mercenary officer taking on any good cause no matter the odds, briefly as a General in the Elzigard Army and then finally as Captain of the Anamchara Militia under five consecutive Chancellors. It was his steady, disciplined hand that kept the city safe.

Now this veteran professional has returned, to oncemore spread the good name of Moradin and show the planes that the dwarves aren't going anywhere just yet.

Hell, you almost pity those poor Tensian bastards.