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Okay, so I figured out a Bug fix for portraits. IF you are not using windows 10 the directions I am gonna give may not work.

Okay much like how when we played the original NWN you'd need to go to your main Hard drive (Mine is the C drive) and go to the NWN file to get to your Hak's Portraits and etc. well with steam it's a bit different.

Documents > Neverwinter Nights

Once there you will see all the old files Hak, TLK, Portraits, Override etc.

If you have the OLD SCHOOL IOS files still at your disposal IE on an back up hard drive thumb drive or whatever extract them from their .rar files and put them in the proper place. If you do not have them at your disposal I will do my best to help you get them. I tested it with the ios1topv105 and with the custom portraits pack I originally made for IOS back in the day. (I will post links to the .rar files I uploaded to I haven't figured out how to upload to the new vault yet once I do I will get them put up there and update this post accordingly.

IOS Portrait Pack
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If anyone wants the old Saturnalia portrait packs I can dig them up.

I've kept a lot of old haks.
Posted Apr 28, 18 · Last edited Apr 29, 18
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