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Important The (EE) Server Details + HAK Compilation

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The Server I.P Address is:
Required Files:

CEP (It is backwards compatible)

The TRI Hak Compilation

Steam Workshop (Auto install for Steam users!)

The Server Status: Alpha Testing (Free Roam)

The Mission: Isles of Styss was a highly appreciated server, and whereas it is in-keeping with tradition to change the name of things (In this case to TRI/The Revenant Isles) I do not want to pretend that the work involved in this mod is completely my own doing. Changes will happen over time and if there are certain breakthroughs, things may boost forth.

I did however like Mad Martigans approach of not being too "IN YOUR FACE" as an admin, and I think it is important that as Admin I remain largely unseen and that most dealings you have with me or others is kept professional and with professional conduct in mind. The idea is to create a playspace for people which provides that hands off approach from the staff, yet serves to foster roleplay and limit gross acts of roleplay such as metagaming.

The Current Version: We are currently running a 2008 edition of Isles of Styss.. This version is a delight. It has Blackwater Rock, The Serpentine Club, all three cities are represented in the Warzone, The older city layouts (This was before the Overhaul), the Warzone is the version with the console interfaces / resource wars that you have to capture by hackin' them (and remaining within 10 metres) for 5 minutes. This provides a score which I intend to allow prominent members of each city to transact into real infrastructure/features for their city.

Enhanced Edition: We are currently hosting through the Enhanced Edition of the game since Beamdog Studios are currently providing authentication servers which for me is a priority. This means that security of peoples personal accounts is paramount and not primarily handled server side.

Enhanced Edition has recently released on Steam. This may or may not (But I am hopeful) lead to a boon in player base for some servers. It would be delightful to see an Enhanced version of the game amass a fresh bout of mental creativity and wanderlust and attract old members back into the community. I want to add to such a community with a place which rewards good behavior and discourages community toxicity. The time is now.

If you have more questions, you can add me on skype at: "lazaeroth" as my account name. Please understand that I do not have a great deal of resources at the moment and that Neverwinter Nights overall has suffered from an expected brain-drain, so things will perhaps move very slowly.. But while you can, please enjoy the free roaming of the server and feed your sense of nostalgia.

Best Regards,
A Rogues Catharsis
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Portrait compilations I have done, There is a mixture of a little bit of everything in these packs, Fantasy, Anmie, Dragons warriors, Monks, sexy females, sexy males.

TRI Portraits

Drow & Mages Portraits

If you don't see something you would use or want me to add something into the next pack feel free to PM me here on the forum or on discord and I will happily convert something for you. :)
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Posted May 10, 18
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